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Hardwood Floor Repairs

A good percentage of the houses we work in have damaged areas that need repairs. It could be from pet urine or overwatered pot plants that have stained the floor area black, walls being removed and now there are sections of flooring missing or chipped, gouged, cupped or any other damage.

Hardwood Floor Repair

Large area needing repair work

Finished Repair

After repair is completed

Small Repair

Small area needing repair

Bad Repair

One of the most common repair mistakes we see… the wrong wood being used.

Whatever damage you have, we can fix it

Whatever repairs are needed, we have years of experience and all the tools and skills needed. We can replace damaged sections and seamlessly blend them into the floor so they look completely original. Nobody will ever know they were there.

Have you opened or removed interior walls and need the two joining rooms laced together for a seamless look between them? We can help you with that, as well as finding matching flooring so the old blends in perfectly with the new.

3 Important mistakes to avoid...

1) The most common repair mistake we see is people using the wrong type of wood. Typically, this happens with red and white oak repairs. To an untrained eye, the two woods look very similar. And unfinished, they do look quite similar. Once finish is applied though, the difference is extremely noticeable.

2) The next mistake is using wood with a different milling. The three most common millings are plain sawn, quarter sawn and rift sawn. All of them look very different from each other. If they are mixed up in a repair it will be very noticeable and no matter how well the repair is done… it will be very noticeable.

3) Another mistake we see is using a different grade of flooring. If you have select grade wood, the last thing you want to do is use No2 common grade flooring and vice versa. It will stand out like a sore thumb.

We have systems in place to make sure we have all three factors right before repairing your damaged areas. Our repairs truly are seamless and invisible.

Why we need to see your floors in person...

We’re committed to getting you the best repair results possible. The only way we can do this is by accurately scoping out the work needed for your repairs in-person beforehand.

Some repairs may look like an easy fix, but there could be a bigger problem under the surface, as in a badly damaged water stain that could have major subfloor damage. You don’t want to just accept a quote and schedule a job over the phone, only to be stuck with a huge extra bill later as they didn’t know what they were in for.

We would rather see the work needed beforehand and give you an accurate price to professionally repair it. This way we both know what we’re in for.

This also provides us ample time to source the proper wood with the right milling and grading ahead of time so the project can stay on schedule.

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