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Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Do your hardwood floors need some care and love? Then you’re in the right place. Our passion is restoring neglected, worn and tired floors back to better than their former glory. It’s our main specialty and we’re highly skilled in hardwood floor restoration work.

We have many options for you to choose from… you can keep the floors traditional, stain them a different color to completely transform the look, apply a hardwax oil finish so they can easily be maintained, use a special pre-treatment or anything else you have seen in your home decorating magazines… we have years of experience and the training and expertise to make your vision come true.

Preparing for Wood Floor Sanding

STEP 1: Floors and equipment being prepared for sanding

Removing Floor Finish

STEP 2: Removing the existing finish

Fine Sanding with TRIO

STEP 3: Further sanding with finer grit paper

Vacuuming Hardwood Floor

STEP 4: Lots of vacuuming

Wood Floor Stain Samples

STEP 5: Stain is applied (after choosing from samples as shown above) if you choose this option

Applying Finish to Wood Floor

STEP 6: Finish is applied to the floor

Outline of the Refinishing Process

Getting your hardwood floors sanded and refinished is a big process. The main steps involved are summarised below…

STEP 1: Before any sanding takes place, the area being sanded needs to be properly prepared. All rooms are sealed off with plastic, the optional dustless equipment is set-up, the floors are vacuumed and any nails sticking up or repairs are looked after.

STEP 2: Once the floor is prepped, the sanding begins. The first few passes with the specialised sanding equipment is quite aggressive. The goal is to remove the existing finish.

STEP 3: When the floor is down to bare wood, the fine sanding stages begin. The rough sanding marks from the first few passes need to be removed. Each pass is done with a higher grit sandpaper to end up with a beautifully smooth, finely sanded surface.

STEP 4: At this stage, we vacuum like crazy. All debris and dust needs to be removed so the following steps don’t have any contaminants. If you have invested in our 100% dustless sanding option this step won’t be a concern.

STEP 5 (OPTIONAL): If you want to change the color of your floor then we will go through the extra 6 Steps outlined here.

STEP 6: It’s time to apply the finish. The number of coats and time this will take will depend on the finish system you decide on. (Below there is a link to an article all about how to choose a finish system). Some finishes are single coats and others have 3 coats. Each multi-coat finish will have the floor abraded between coats and then carefully tacked and vacuumed to remove any debris, ensuring a contaminant free surface.

Some Things You Need to be Aware Of

Your hardwood floors have a limited wear layer. They can only be sanded a certain amount of times before they are too thin to sand anymore. When that limit is reached, new floors will need to be installed.

The last thing you want is for an inexperienced guy to come in, grind more than they need to off your floor and subsequently shorten the life of your floors by decades.

Our system has been perfected over many years to ensure we are careful to remove as little of the surface layer as possible, while still providing a great finished product. You get the beautiful finished results you expect, and at the same time maintain as much of your floors life as we can. This ensures you’ll have plenty of surface to refinish your floors again if needed in the future.

We have some more information about the refinishing process in the links below…

Further Information:

Which Finish System Should I Choose?

This report goes in-depth explaining the different finish systems available and helps you decide which one will be the best choice for your particular circumstances.

pdfDownload PDF Article
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