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Meet Our Team

Since we’re going to be working closely with you in your home, we thought you might like to meet us and get to know us a little better. Below is a photo and a small write up of each team member…

Jimmy Nguyen

Jimmy Nguyen – Owner

Jimmy has been heavily involved in the wood flooring business full-time since 2005. He loves everything about wood floors, but his true love is bringing old floors back to life. One of his favorite things in the world is seeing his clients eyes light up when they see their ‘brand new’ restored floor for the first time.

Skill wise, he has reached the pinnacle of training available from the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association), holding the highly coveted NWFA Expert and Master Craftsman certifications. You can see these certifications below.

He also helps train other wood floor professionals as an NWFA class instructor. He is a huge proponent of keeping up to date with industry training and staying on top of current products, trends and market changes, incorporating the best of each into his business.

On his time off, you’ll find him enjoying time with his wife and their 2 kids. He coaches his 6 years old son’s soccer team and enjoys fishing, travel and football.

Expert Sand and Finish Certificate
NWFA Expert Sand and Finish
NWFA Custom Design and Craftsmanship Certificate
NWFA Custom Design and Craftsmanship
NWFA Master Craftsman Certificate
NWFA Master Craftsman
NWFA Expert Installation Certificate
NWFA Expert Installation
Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen – Team 1 Leader

Kevin is one of our highest skilled employees. He was personally trained by Jimmy over the course of 4 years and is extremely proficient with everything to do with restoring hardwood floors.

In his spare time, you’ll find Kevin down at the river trying out his fishing skills (although between you and me, they’re not as good as his flooring skills). He has a happy and fun loving personality while being a perfectionist. You’ll enjoy having him and his team of guys working in your home.

Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen – Team 2 Leader

Peter is the lead guy for our second restoration crew. He’s been with us for over 5 years. We’re very fortunate to have such a highly skilled and experienced floor mechanic. He too has been trained by Jimmy to produce master craftsman work standards.

Peter is married with 2 super cute young children, one in first grade and the other in second grade. In his time off you will hear him belting out karaoke tunes. Don’t worry though, we have banned him from singing on-site… unless of course he has specially requests. Friendly and warm, clients are always commenting how much they enjoy having Peter and his crew in their home.

Bob Nguyen

Bob Nguyen – Floor Mechanic

Bob is our newest hire, only being with us for 3 years. But in that time, he has quickly become our top notch go-to repair guy. If your floors have water damage, broken boards or anything else that needs replacing or fixing, Bob will be the guy who takes care of it.

When not on the repair tools, he’s also one of our expert edgers (the sander that goes around the edge of the room).

Dave Nguyen

Dave Nguyen – Floor Mechanic

We’ve been blessed to have Dave work with us for 4 years now. He works part-time while going to college for economics. Like Bob above, Dave is one of our edger mechanics extraordinaire. Book worm by night, super floor guy by day.

Henry Nguyen

Henry Nguyen – Floor Mechanic

Henry has also been with us for 4 years. When he’s not restoring hardwood floors he studies dentistry at college. His perfectionism and skill with his hands is put to great use in restoring hardwood floors.

His hands don’t get much of a rest on his days off either, which he spends rock climbing, as well as being quite the pro at billiards.

Carl Nguyen

Carl Nguyen – Floor Mechanic

In his 50’s, Carl is our oldest employee. But don’t let that fool you… he can keep up with the youngest of our guys. Immersed in the flooring industry for decades, Carl has a wealth of hands on flooring experience and is a real asset to our company. His specialty skills include installations, demos of old floors and he’s a pro at applying finishes.

His spare time is spent with his wife and 3 kids. He also likes spending time trying to catch a fish or two.

As you can see, we’re all normal, regular guys… that just happen to have a huge passion for restoring hardwood floors and making our clients floor dreams come true.

We understand you may have had some no so great experiences with tradesmen in the past, but we promise we are different. None of us will swear, blast loud music, smoke or display any unprofessional behavior in your home. We all promise to treat your home, pets, family and property with care and respect during the project.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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