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100 Year Old Floor Restoration in Marshfield MA

We really enjoyed working on hardwood floor restoration project in this 100 year old Marshfield house. It had just gone under a major renovation when we were called to perform our flooring magic.

Walls had been removed, floors chopped up and the homeowners had added on a new kitchen and family room. The two-story house four bedroom was around 4,500 square feet and there was 3,600 square foot of hardwood flooring that needed board replacements, repairs, staining and sanding and refinishing. It was quite a large project.

In the photo below you can see the beautiful original random width 100 year old pine floors in the music room and through to the kitchen after they were restored…

Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing Marshfield

As mentioned above, because the original wood floors were so old, quite a few sections had to be replaced throughout various rooms. We sourced similar aged reclaimed pine to match them to the original floors and after some work, they blended in perfectly. Can you guess which boards aren’t original in the photo above?

Below you can see the stained pine floors throughout the dining room, entrance and hallways after the hardwood floor repairs, staining, sanding and refinishing work was completed…

Hardwood Floor Contractors Marshfield MA

The next picture here shows the brand-new extension off the kitchen. Unfortunately, the pine floors in the kitchen had come to the end of their life after 100 years of constant use and they couldn’t be saved.

Because the homeowners spent a lot of time in the kitchen and family room, they wanted a more durable type of flooring that would hold up better to the constant use and traffic. So, we installed 8-inch wide Live Sawn Oak. Oak is far more durable than the soft pine they had… but it was a very different looking wood and they didn’t want it to be super noticeable. It was important to them for it to match the existing installed hardwood floors throughout the rest of the house as close as possible.

For the wood floor staining, we went through seven different stain and dye colors before finding the perfect match. It ended up being a mix of aniline dye and Golden Oak stain.

You can see how it turned out below…

Marshfield Hardwood Floor Refinishing Project

The floor was coated with Bona Woodline in a satin sheen. Bona Woodline is an oil based finish that provides a beautiful deep rich amber color that provides a nice build and looks great on dark stained floors.

Overall, this project took 2 weeks to complete. The first week was spent replacing and patching all the damaged sections of the original floor and installing the new oak flooring. Once that was finished it took another week to sand, dye, stain and finish the entire floor.

The homeowners were thrilled with the results and with good care and maintenance, the new floors should last them a long time into the future.

If you have an older historic home in Marshfield MA (or Hingham MA, Weymouth MA or anywhere on the South Shore of Massachusetts) with original hardwood floors you would like restored, click on the Request a Quote button below and we’d be more than happy to arrange a time to come out and provide you with a free quote.

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