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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Braintree MA, Hingham MA and Quincy MA

Why you’ll love working with us
to transform your floors...

It’s never easy taking on a large home improvement project. Especially one as invasive as hardwood floor sanding and refinishing. So many questions to ask and research to do. Probably one of the main questions you have right now is: “How do I choose the right wood flooring business to work with?” It’s a pretty important question to ask. specially since you can’t see the results of the hardwood floor refinisher you hire until the work is done.

Not the most comforting though is it?

Your upcoming wood floor refinishing project will be either a fun, exciting time, with a result that will leave you smiling from ear to ear… or a frustrating, dusty, smelly experience you’ll hate and be reminded of every time you look down and see the low-quality outcome.

We want you to love your hardwood floors – and enjoy the process of restoring them. In line with that, we promise to be very upfront with you. This is what we offer…

You’ll have all your questions and concerns answered before we start your restoration

We know you have lots of questions. Most likely this is the first time you’ve had to plan a floor sanding and refinishing project. We’ve complied the most common ones we are asked in the Frequently Asked Questions section and have written very in-depth articles for ones that need a little more explaining.

If you have any other wood floor refinishing questions not covered in the links above then please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We specialize in hardwood flooring restorations exclusively

It’s impossible to be the best at everything. There are many parts to the flooring world and many different types of floors. Carpet, laminate flooring, linoleum flooring, tile, vinyl and engineered hardwood and solid wood hardwood floors. There are restorations to refinish existing wood flooring, new floor sales and new hardwood flooring installation.

You just can’t be awesome at all of these. Unlike some floor companies, we only do wood floor restorations. One thing only. We have chosen to become one of the best hardwood floor refinishing companies in Braintree MA, Hingham MA, Weymouth MA, Marshfield MA and throughout the South Shore of Massachusetts. Because we specialize and do it every day, we’re really good at it.

You will NOT have to worry about dust

Traditional hardwood floor sanding leaves a big dusty mess for you to clean up. It’s a nightmare. We’ve found the perfect solution. Take a look at our dustless hardwood floor sanding system here.

You will have access to the best products

The type and quality of finish used on your floor will directly affect their durability. I’m sure you don’t want to go through sanding and refinishing every few years. All our floor finishes are only recommended after thorough in-house testing and experimenting for durability.

We stay very up-to-date with the industry, so if you find a finish online you like the sound of, there’s a very good chance we’ve already tested it on our own hardwood floors and can give you real life feedback.

You will deal directly with me, Jimmy, during your entire project

Miscommunication during a home improvement project is extremely frustrating. When dealing with many different people – salespeople, managers, crew members, sub-contractors – things can get missed.

When you team up with us, that won’t happen. I’ll be the one at your in-home quote, I’ll be there at the start of your project, I will be working on your hardwood floors with my team throughout the project (we don’t use sub-contractors) and I will be the one making sure everything is perfect at the end of you project.

One single person to discuss your flooring needs with during the entire process to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Before Braintree MA existing wood flooring
Sanding Hingham MA flooring contractor Floor Sanding
Fine Sand Weymouth MA Hardwood Floor Sanding
Coating Braintree MA flooring specialist Coating
After Hingham MA floor companies After

We understand it can be overwhelming trying to choose a wood flooring business to trust your valuable floors to. We’ve designed this website to help you know what is involved in a professional wood floor restoration, as well as what to look for when selecting a competent hardwood floor refinishing company to hire.

No matter whether your wood flooring project is to refinish existing floors throughout your entire home with a lot of square feet, or only a room or two with minimal square feet... you need wood flooring repairs because of water damage, air conditioning leak damage or pet stains... you want to remove old worn carpet or some other type of existing floor covering to expose the hardwood floors hiding below... you would like to change the color of your hardwood floors by staining them... you would like dustless sanding or regular sanding... you would like a deep clean and recoat floor cleaning and maintenance package instead of a full sand and refinish... or any other wood flooring and stair restoration need... we would love you to consider Advantage Hardwood Refinishing for your project.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance. We’re here to help as your local wood refinishing professionals.

What to do next...

In our articles section we have a report called ’The 5 Questions You Should Ask’… it’s definitely worth a read.

But to begin your reseach, I would suggest downloading the Free Guide below. It answers the question "What are the best floor finish products to refinish your hardwood floors with?" It's one of the most common questions we get asked…

Free Hardwood Finish Guide

Which Finish System
Should You Choose
for Your Floors?

DOWNLOAD GUIDE No email address needed!
Hardwood Floor Background
Thanks to the professionalism and handwork of Jim and his men... the floors look amazing! Just beautiful.You will be VERY pleased with the work and the service you receive should you opt for this company. 5 STARS!! Kathleen Hofmann – Braintree MA
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In Your Neighborhood

Recent Projects

Here’s our photo galleries of recent wood floor refinishing projects we have completed around Braintree MA, Hingham MA, Weymouth MA, Marshfield MA, Scituate MA, Cohasset MA, Duxbury MA and the surrounding Massachusetts South Shore area for previous clients. You’ll be able to get some ideas of the work we do as well as see what different types of floors and wood types look like with various types of sanding, staining and finish systems…

Braintree Flooring | Refinished Wood Floors
link to project View this Project
in Braintree MA
Cohasset MA Hardwood Floors | Refinished Wood Floors
link to project View this Project
in Cohasset MA
Marshfield MA Hardwood Floor | Flooring Repairs
link to project View this Project
in Marshfield MA
Hingham MA Hardwood Floor Refinishing Project
link to project View this Project
in Hingham MA
Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Cohasset MA | Flooring Specialist
link to project View this Project
in Cohasset MA
Custom Hardwood Floor near Duxbury Massachusetts
link to project View this Project
in Marshfield MA
Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Braintree MA | Braintree Flooring
link to project View this Project
in Braintree MA
Photo Galleries of Floor Refinishing Project near Scituate MA
link to project View this Project
in Marshfield MA

You can find more photos of refinished wood floors we have completed by clicking here. We hope to have your own custom hardwood floor project here in our gallery one day soon too.

Wood Floor Background
Jimmy and his crew were absolutely amazing. If you are looking for a professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable company for a flooring project these are your guys. I solely and highly recommend their services. Ashley Brown – Braintree MA
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Ready to Make Your Hardwood Floors
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Fill out the quote form below to schedule your inspection. I’ll contact you within 24 hours and request some extra details and arrange a time to visit.

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During the visit I’ll measure your square feet, look for water damage sections, discuss all finish and color options and take the time to answer your questions.

3 Step 3

Within 48 hours I’ll send you your detailed quote. It will have various price choices so you can select the best floor finish and options for your budget.

Jimmy Nguyen

Hi, my name is Jimmy Nguyen. I’m the owner of Advantage Hardwood Refinishing.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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